Eduardo Vega Colon

Photographer & Writer

Eduardo Vega Colon is a photographer and writer based in Houston, Texas. He is a New Yorker by birth and a Texan by choice.

He began taking pictures in 1986. With his Nikon FM2, he would photograph subway graffiti artist at work in New York City and kept at it until his enlistment in the US Navy.

From there, Eduardo served in the Persian Gulf War. After his deployment, he returned to New York and was a spoken word artist and writer in New York’s Lower East Side.

Later on, he became a technology consultant. His career ended after 9/11. Since returning to photography and writing in 2010 his work focused affirming life. He is always focused on carving joy out of an absurd universe. Photography helps give his life meaning.

Eduardo is available for client work and commissions. He owns a boudoir photography studio in Houston, Texas.