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June 20, 2019

Trade for Print


Trade for print / services (TFP) for models with the photographers at Boudoir by Eduardo, photography studio in Houston, Texas.

The Model Call

Are you an aspiring model looking to build a portfolio? How about someone looking to add quality photographs to an existing model portfolio?

Model dressed like Harley Quinn for moody editorial fashion portrait photography on Congress Avenue Ann Richards Bridge with Texas State Capitol in the background

Or, are you some that need content for their Patreon?
Are you someone who needs quality photographs at the top end of their sales funnels?

If so, let’s collaborate through a trade for print/services (TFP shoot) approach. TFP is also known as Time for Prints.

Who am I?

My name is Eduardo Vega Colón and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I have been taking pictures, off and on, since 1986. You can read more about my personal biography here.

Because of my personal history, I made boudoir the focus of my photography in 2013. After moving to Houston in 2015 I narrowed the focus of my boudoir photography.

The paying clients I take on are women who have either survived or are battling an illness. Or, they are women who have escaped a domestic violence situation or are trying to mend a broken heart.

Reasons for Trade for Print/Services

Some of my clients are fighting their challenges in private. Others don’t want to be found. All are choosing to have a boudoir photo shoot for themselves and not for social media.

My experience in working with these clients has taught me if they’re asked to sign a model release, they will. Their experiences had molded them into saying yes so as not to make waves.

Knowing this there’s no need to put them on the spot with asking for a model release. Instead, I’d rather make the effort to find models and work with them to get all the photographs I need. My clients will not need to worry about finding their pictures on social media. If it is it’s usually a choice THEY made, which further underscores the notion of empowerment.

The Benefit of Answering a TFP Model Call

TFP are collaborations that provide a mutual benefit. Our collaboration could focus on either boudoir pictures or stylish portraits.

You, the model, would be able to promote yourself throughout social media. The key to meeting quality paying clients is having photographs that stand out. Photographs that standout usually does so because of the photographer’s vision. Also, because of the camera and lens, they’re using (let’s be honest).

I have a clear vision with my photography that had been shaped by my extensive experience.

Camera Equipment

I work with a Canon 5D MK IV with a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens or Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4 lens. Also, I have a Leica M6 film camera but I reserve that for use with clients (film is expensive).

Indian American models in royal purple dress with flowery pattern standing in front of a tree, in the woods in Austin, Texas
April Chennat posing in Balcones District Park in Austin, Texas. Outdoor glamour photography as an alternative to an outdoor boudoir photo shoot.


What Do I, The Photographer, Get in Return?

I don’t have to ask my clients to sign a model release to use their beautiful photographs for marketing. I would be able to continue protecting their privacy. Most of all, I get the opportunity to work with women who would have made the choice to share our work on social media.

You and I would both benefit in creating photographs that do not suck. It would lead to your earning more paid work. It would lead to me meeting more potential clients.

Mutual Exchange of Time and Services

The trade of my extensive experience, time, and talent is of significant value.

The trade of your experience, time, and talent would be of significant value to me as well.

As the photographer, I would waive my session fee of $195. Also, I would waive what I charge clients for digital images (valued at $25 per photograph).

I would make available high-resolution photographs sized for social media use.

We would be a collaboration with a common goal.

The Goal of Creating Amazing Photographs?


The truth is some of the women I work with on TFP had taken to modeling for many of the same reasons my clients want pictures. The only difference is they made a choice to share their journey. I would tell my clients that and it would blow their mind.

Everyone is Battling Something

You, the model, would help inspire women who need all the inspiration.

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